A church at Bakewell

    There is a church half way up the hill, to which I am eternally grateful for holding services which were so terminally boring that there was no chance to get hooked on that quality christian religious experience(tm). The best time to catch them is when they're young. 7 - 12 is the best time. Any younger and they don't understand what is going on, any older and they understand precisely what is going on. The actual age of opportunity depends from case to case, of course.  can't give advice on indoctrinating kids (since I've never done it) but I'd suggest a softly softly "Jesus is your friend" approach followed by the "You'll burn in Hell" for difficult cases. Throwing in the frequent "symbolic" crystingle "you can keep the candle" event is also a surefire road to enlightenment. Try to keep to a similar attitude to the early christian priests who visited the americas etc. to spread the good word.

    These units are used for torture purposes. The sinner is placed in the coffin and a spike is inserted through the hole.

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