Some Pictures from Bakewell, England

    Bakewell is famous for its tarts. "Bakewell Tarts" they're called. They can be purchased from the tart shop in the town. Originally, the Bakewell tart was invented by accident by someone who was trying to make a Christmas cake, but got the ingredients wrong. When you see the "real deal", the tart originale, it is easy to believe that the guy who made it made a terrible mistake. In places the pastry was two centimeters thick. Ever since, the tart has been expertly marketed by the town, their greatest coup being in 1972 when Mr Rudyard Kipling condescended to repackage the tart for wider consumption on the back of his undeserved reputation for making exceedingly good cakes. It is a little known fact that the original tart was an extremely intelligent alien lifeform, which, unfortunately was gently toasted on its fall to earth, and was mistaken for nourishment by a poor guy who substituted it for a partly cooked Christmas cake in a house he was in the process of burgling. So the commonly believed story, as is often the case, does have a small grain of truth in it.


 Haddon Hall

 River Why

    There are quite a few cats living in Bakewell. Most have genuine personalities.

    Chatsworth is also nearby. It is famous for requiring the willful distruction of several small villages to create space for the sprawling estate. I did not feel that I could condone this activity by going to look at the product of such anti social behaviour. Also, it seems that it's name is not attributable to the large number of French cats in the vicinity.

These pictures free for non commercial private perusal. ┬ęcip, 1999

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